UMMS People Planning: Tools for a Collaborative and Efficient Work Environment

An important part of enhancing the work environment across UMMS is creating shared processes for knowing when you are going to work, what you can accomplish during your working hours, and how you are compensated for that work. Our goal is to create a more collaborative and consistent work environment that allows us to deliver the best possible care to our patients across UMMS. To achieve this, we are implementing a new technology platform called UMMS People Planning using the industry-leading Kronos Workforce Central software.


Understanding our roles and how we are compensated for our work is central to a fulfilling work experience. With our new People Planning: Timekeeping tool, in coordination with our new standard time clocks, you’ll know exactly what you’re paid – and why. This tool standardizes and simplifies how we track team members’ time and how that time is recorded. 


No matter how or where you provide service to our patients, your experience recording your worked time and time-off remains consistent.

Whether you’re at work or at home we’ve increased your access to review your timecard. If you choose to download the mobile app, you can access People Planning: Timekeeping from anywhere.

Need to request time off for a special occasion next summer but won’t accrue enough hours of PTO until then? You can use a time clock or the mobile app to request future time off.

Employees will now be able to review the accuracy of their timecard and approve their timecard on a daily basis. If a correction is needed, team members will be able to request the correction online to their Manager or Timekeeper either at the clock or via the mobile device app.

The introduction of online capabilities such as PTO requests and missed clocking correction requests reduces the burden on team members and managers, especially by moving request and approval processes online.


Training for People Planning: Timekeeping is available in your UMMS U course assignments. Ask your manager if you haven’t yet completed the training.

If you have a question about People Planning: Timekeeping training, please contact the site lead at your member organization:

Brian Lynch or David Hunt

Craig Fleishmann or Nate Guyton

Barbara Hendricks, Jennifer Bowie or JoAnne Hahey

Paul Nicholson or Nicole Beeson

UM Rehab
Cheryl Lee or Marina Bogin

Lisa Rowen, Sherrie Stephens Hunt, Joseph Hoffman or Susan Hussey

UMMS Payroll
Chuck Becker

Kevin Lynch

Dan Neal or Brandy Nichols

Project Management
Cathy Whitaker, Raj Grover, Mark Ahlman or Joseph Pace

For the pay period beginning January 31, you will begin using People Planning: Timekeeping to document your time worked and time away. It will look and function differently than what you currently use, and you will attend training to get familiar with the differences. Other changes include:

  • Managers will receive and respond to their team members’ requests for future time off in the updated system.
  • Managers will manage their team members’ schedules in the updated system.
  • Managers may access and monitor their team members’ timekeeping data via the People Planning: Timekeeping mobile app on any online device, personal or work-provided.

One of the most important actions that is not changing with the new system is the responsibility of managers and timekeepers to review, correct and approve their team members’ timecards by 2:00 p.m. each payroll Monday.

  1. Employees will play a more active role in ensuring their timecard is accurate. Each time a team member punches out at the end of their shift, they will be required to attest (confirm) that:
    • You did (or did not) take an uninterrupted meal break during shifts that are 6 hours or longer
    • Your timecard is (or is not) accurate, including the shift you just completed
  1. Employees may access and monitor personal timekeeping data via the People Planning: Timekeeping mobile app on any online device.
  2. Employees will be able to submit future requests for time off through the mobile app.
  3. Most exempt team members will no longer punch IN or OUT. Instead, their managers and timekeepers will manage worked time and leave time via schedules.

Hourly team members will continue to punch IN and OUT as they do today.


People Planning: Scheduling

Our work at UMMS is regularly rewarding, sometimes challenging and always worthwhile. With our team members’ wellbeing and our patients’ safety top of mind, we are prioritizing a positive work-life environment across our System. More effective staffing strategies have been shown to improve patient care; reduce preventable readmissions, infection rates and fall rates; minimize the need for overtime; and increase our team members engagement with their work. This new tool will standardize and optimize scheduling based on patient need and team member satisfaction, and let you, the team member, have more control over your schedule while integrating those schedules with our other People Planning Tools.


Making sure that we have the right staff with the right skills in the right place at the right time is central to our ability to meet the needs of our team members, patients and communities. Using the People Planning: Analytics tool provides a consistent and transparent way to set targets for staffing and measure progress toward goals. This process creates clear expectations between managers and team members – no matter where you work within the System – and allows us to invest resources in our workforce and in our patient care where they are most needed.