Connecting our Business Processes Across the System

November 2021 Update
The process of streamlining our System’s HR, Payroll, Financial Management and Supply Chain Management business tools cis almost complete with the final implementations taking place at UM Upper Chesapeake Health and UM Capital Region Health.

This adaptation of business management tools is another important step toward our vision of One UMMS, streamlining our processes to produce greater collaboration, enhanced operations and ultimately, higher quality care for the people of Maryland.

Human Resources & Payroll Management

  • Human Resources
  • Benefits
  • Absence Management
  • Payroll

Financial Management

  • Accounts Payable
  • Asset and Capital Project Management
  • Cash Management
  • Grants and Foundations Reporting
  • General Ledger (Financial Reporting)

Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory Control/Management
  • Management Requisitioning
  • Purchasing
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Contract Management



As we continue to transition to the Infor Enterprise Resource Planning system, we want you to have the tools and support you need for a successful transition.

UMMSConnect is your primary resource for all things related to Infor. On UMMSConnect you can find:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) documents
  • Tip sheets
  • Guide to Infor training and additional training resources
  • Training resources
  • A general ledger account cross reference
  • Cost center lookup tool

These resources are updated regularly, so check back frequently.


Communications: As each member organization moves closer to going live with Infor, communications will include detailed information about what is changing and how to prepare. Communications will come to you in a variety of ways: UMMSConnect, your local Insider, email, webinars, huddle topics and in meetings with local leadership.

Training: Extensive training will be provided throughout the transition to Infor. We will provide training for every team member using the new system, through e-Learning and in the classroom, depending on your roles.

Support: A robust post go-live support model will be in place until operational environments are stabilized to ensure continuity in business processes.


The transition to Infor is a large and complex IT project that is being implemented all across UMMS. Our key focus is to deliver an integrated business system that gives you a better experience in your day-to-day activities and, simultaneously, prepares you to be able to seamlessly adopt and use it.

To achieve this, teams of professionals across the System have been working to ensure that you have the information and support you need.

  • Our customized training sessions will give you the preparation and confidence you need to perform your daily activities.
  • Our phone and on-site help during the stabilization period following go-live means you know your time is respected, and you can get help, fast.
  • Improved workflows, more and better vendor and item choices, and better process shows how much we value your passion for serving the health care needs of our communities.
  • Standardized processes with fewer manual tasks, enhanced data analytics, increased automation and better visibility into our data position you for success in managing your department and completing your financial reporting activities.


UCH Top 5 – April 14, 2022

Starting on May 2, 2022, Expense Reimbursements will be submitted on the Infor Expense Reimbursement Form and emailed to with “Expense Reimbursement” in the subject line. This process will be in place until UM UCH transitions to SAP Concur Expense Reporting in late summer.

No. This expenditure falls under the UMMS Credit Card Policy (FSS-004). A small number of UMMS Credit Cards will be issued to provide a convenient, efficient, and managed approach for appropriate small-dollar, purchasing transactions. Please contact the Finance Department for more information.

Starting on May 2, 2022, Expense Reimbursements will be submitted on the Infor Expense Reimbursement Form and emailed to with “Expense Reimbursement” in the subject line. Simply enter the total number of miles traveled into the spreadsheet.  The reimbursement amount will automatically be calculated by the form.

Any exception to the UMMS Procurement Policy (SC-PO-21-001) requires approval in writing by the VP of Supply Chain or when placing orders using a Purchasing Card (P-card).

Any exception to the Check Request Policy (FSS-003) requires the approval of the affiliate CFO.

Utility invoices often have little room for delay in payment without creating risk of services being disconnected. Therefore, we designed a process to allow for certain invoices to be pre-authorized, allowing of them to be paid without requiring routing for approval.

Invoices designated for this process are automatically coded to a pre-determined general ledger distribution and are not routed for approval. They are simply paid in the amount of the invoice in the next payment run or paid via a Recurring Payment.

Department managers responsible for these utilities need to review these invoices as part of their budgetary reviews each month. The invoice images are viewable, just like with other invoices, to obtain the full detail. If any amounts need to be disputed, this dispute can occur after the fact, resulting in a credit against the next invoice.

NOTE: Utility Invoices should be mailed to UMMS AP, PO Box 17017 Baltimore, MD 21297-7017.

General Infor

UMMS is launching a new and improved Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool called Infor.

Infor is a best-in-class enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that will allow UMMS to integrate the management of core business processes, Human Resources (HR), Payroll, Finance, and Supply Chain Management, across the system.

Human Capital Management & Payroll: Employee & Manager Management, Payroll

Financial Management: Accounts Payable, Asset and Capital Project Management, Cash Management, Grants and Foundations reporting, and General Ledger

Supply Chain Management: Inventory Control/Management, Requisitioning, Purchasing, and Contract Management

Infor, which is already used by other UMMS member organizations is used to increase automation, streamline processing, and standardize reporting as a fully integrated platform.

UMMS will fully be on the Infor ERP at all member locations starting in February 2022. There will be a period of time where the legacy systems are decommissioned.

Many of you are already involved in this project and we appreciate your continued support. We will continue to reach out with specific needs and details as we move closer to implementation. In general, you can prepare for the Infor Lawson implementation by doing the following:

  • Stay Informed! Stay up-to-date by reading all project communications.
  • Stay Curious! Fully orient yourself to UMMS Connect and all the resources available to you throughout the implementation.
  • Stay Engaged! Prepare to participate in training and offer ongoing feedback to represent your business unit.

UMMSConnect will be the best resource to stay abreast of the latest project news and information.

Financial Management

An accounting unit represents a location or business center in a general ledger company. An Accounting Unit is the Infor name for what was previously called a Department Number or Cost Center Number.

There is a GL crosswalk on UMMSConnect that managers and staff can use to look up Infor department codes (called Accounting Units in Infor) and Expense Codes (called Accounts in Infor).

In accounting, a general ledger is a bookkeeping ledger in which accounting data is posted from journals and subledgers. The General Ledger contains four parts: the chart of accounts, financial transactions, account balances and accounting periods.  Accounts from the chart of accounts are also referred to as general ledger accounts.

A Chart of Accounts is the list of accounts that is used to organize accounting records. The Chart of Accounts is comprised of accounts that are used to post journal entries and summarize general ledger information for reports. The Balance Sheet accounts include assets, liabilities, and equity. The Income Statement accounts include income and expenses.

The GL Crosswalk are excel files located on UMMSConnect.  The Crosswalk tool will prompt you to enter your old company number, department number, sub-department number and GL account number, and will then provide you with a new Accounting Unit. Crosswalks are available for HEFM/HEMM to Infor, Aperek and SMS to Infor, and Meditech to Infor along with step-by-step instructions.

The current list of accounts is available in your accounting unit is based on what was setup in HEMM and/or what is currently being budgeted.

Please work with your local decision support liaison.

Based on the type of department, supplies are expensed based on patient chargeability.

Human Resources & Payroll

UMMS Infor Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service web portal.

The Infor HR Knowledge Center on HRConnections gives you direct access to employment policies, all forms, and complete information about leave and other aspects of your employment. HR Quick Guides that explains more about HRConnections will be available closer to go-live in January.

Employee Self-Service is your one-stop service at any time day or night (24/7) for all information related to your employment at UMMS, including personal information, employment, pay and more

Manager Self-Service is your one-stop service at any time day or night (24/7) for all basic manager transactions regarding employees, including changes in FTE, pay, supervisor, and termination.

Starting in February 2022, team members will be able to access their pay stubs exclusively online in the HRConnections portal giving you immediate access to all your important payroll information?

Yes! Your Maryland tax withholding will change.  In the old legacy system, your Maryland State tax withholding was an average of all the counties in Maryland.  With the new Infor system, the technology is more robust allowing the system to withhold the exact amount of tax based on the county in which you reside.  Your Maryland State tax withholding may be higher, lower or the same based on the county in which you reside.

Yes! With the transition to Infor, UM Upper Chesapeake payroll is transitioning to M&T Bank.

January 2022

Supply Chain Management

Procure-to-Pay is the name of the UMMS requisition to payment process. The P2P goal is to serve the System by facilitating the timely acquisition of goods and services meeting the needs of UMMS at a competitive price and justifying the supplier selection and pricing to meet UMMS polices and requirements of external auditors.

Supply chain management is the handling of the entire production flow of a good or service — starting from requisitioning all the way to delivering the final product to the consumer.

Accounts payable (AP) is an accounting term used to describe the money owed to vendors or suppliers for goods or services purchased on credit.

Departmental requesters designated by leadership who have received additional training to support their colleagues before, during and after Go-Live.

A list of Super Users will be available closer to go-live in January 2022.

A Requester is the team member who initiates the ordering process for goods and services within their assigned departments.

An Approver is responsible for reviewing, approving, returning, or rejecting requisitions being charged to their department.

A purchase requisition is an authorized request for the purchase of goods or services via the Supply Chain Department. All requisitions must be approved in accordance with UMMS’s Expenditure and Signature Authorization Policy. Requisitions should be entered into the Infor Requisition Center (RQC).

After you release a requisition in Requisition Center (RQC), your requisition will be automatically forwarded to the Approver(s) for your cost center, according to the total dollar amount of the requisition. An email will be sent to each Approver, informing them of the requisition that is awaiting their approval. After all necessary approvals are obtained, the requisition will be forwarded to the Infor PO module to be processed to by the Purchasing Department. The Requester will receive an email once a requisition achieves final approval or if a requisition is returned to a Requester.

Submit a requisition using Requisition Center (RQC).

Infor will use eLearnings as the primary training resource.  All the eLearning are tailor-made to meet each employee’s role needs. UMMS U will be used for scheduling and registration. To minimize disruptions to your daily business operations and department schedules, the eLearnings will be available for six (6) weeks to complete. UMMS U eLearnings will be assigned at the end of October.

No. The vendor must send an invoice referencing the Purchase Order (PO) number issued for that order. If you have an invoice for the requisition you placed, send the invoice to, referencing the PO number issued for the Requisition.

Symbeo is a document data capture software and Online Document Center. Symbeo is used by UMMS to receive and process PO invoices from vendors. Invoices for Capital, Service Agreements and/or Service PO’s greater than $500 are sent to the End User approver queue to be reviewed for accuracy and either approved or denied for payment.

Indicates the approval path of Who approves the requisition

Tells Infor Who to charge

Tells suppliers Where to deliver using the From Location

Tells receiving staff internal delivery instructions

Requesting locations are linked to the company, from location and accounting units within Infor.

Yes! For this reason, it is always recommended to verify the Company you are requesting from in RQC.

Yes!  When entering the requisition, once you have entered the required header information including requesting location, click on the Detailed Profile tab and enter the From Company and From Location for the company and delivery location that you intent the delivery to be shipped.

Please work with the local decision support team who will coordinate getting that added.

Accounts Payable

SAP Concur is the new technology software system that will allow team members to receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket, travel and reconcile P-card charges. More information about SAP Concur and the Travel and Expense policy is available on UMMSConnect.

Yes! Employee reimbursements will be issued as part of your payroll check.

The check request is to be used only for purchases where payment is required and an invoice is not expected or necessary for items such as fire permits, taxes/licenses, membership fees and magazine subscriptions. Check requests cannot be used for goods and services that require a purchase order.  (Please refer to FSS-003 Check Request Policy, posted on the UMMS Insider.)

Non-PO invoices, or check requests, should be scanned and submitted to, referencing “Check Request” in the subject line.  The Infor check request form is available on UMMSConnect.

Contact the Purchasing department for an alternate source of the item. If an alternate source is unavailable, enter the request in RQC, add Check Must Accompany the P.O. in the comments, and attach the documentation from vendor stating prepayment is required (vendor does not accept POs).

Authority to Commit

The policy establishes a specified delegation of authority in order to commit on behalf of UMMS and is defined by the VP of Finance, UMMS, and/or Local CFO. Authority to Commit and Contracting policy are available on UMMSConnect:

Purchase Requisitions are automatically approved when all items on the requisition are sourced from the local storeroom. Purchase requisitions for par replenishment locations are also automatically approved. All other purchase requisitions require departmental budgetary approval (i.e. approval in Infor).

Whenever you are requesting one or more items that are not on an active UMMS contract, the Value Analysis team will review the requisition before it is routed for budgetary approval. Requesters can recognize these items because they show up with a $0 unit cost during the ordering process.

When a Requester submits a requisition, the requisition will be automatically approved if one of the following is true:

  1.  the source for all items is the local storeroom
  2.  the requisition is for par items on an established par inventory location.

Otherwise, it will be routed for review and approval.

When a requisition is routed for approval, the first consideration is whether all items on the requisition are on contract. If one or more items are not on an active UMMS contract, then the requisition is routed to the Value Analysis team for review. If all items are on contract, then the Value Analysis step is not required.

After the Value Analysis step, the requisition is routed for budgetary approval. The requisition is routed to the lowest approval level for review, then the requisition will always start at the next level above the Requester’s approval level.

When an Approver reviews a requisition, they can APPROVE or RETURN TO THE REQUESTER. An Approver can also REJECT a requisition.

Once all required budgetary approvals are complete, the requisition will either route to a Purchase Order, or under certain conditions, to a Buyer’s work queue for manual intervention.

Available Resources

UMMSConnect is the primary source for all Infor news, updates, training and support documents.

The Financial Management Reference Guide is available on UMMSConnect under Financial Reference Guides

The Requester Desktop User Guide is the primary resource for all requisitioning questions and answers.  The RDTG provides detailed work instructions for every aspect of the requisitioning process.  The Requester Desktop User Guide is available on UMMSConnect and is updated often.

The Infor Sandbox is a practice area where you can keep your Infor training fresh, try out the functions you’ve learned and gain confidence using the new system before it goes live in mid-January. The sandbox is set up with test configuration and test data.

The Infor Sandbox will be available for practice starting December 3, 2021. Infor SCM should only be accessed using Internet Explorer:   Detailed instructions on how to access the Sandbox are available on UMMSConnect:

Detailed instructions written on how to access Infor are located on UMMSConnect:

How to Video Tutorial – How to Login to Infor is also available on UMMSConnect.

Please contact your manager.  Managers will need to initiate a request for Infor by emailing the Infor Training Coordinator at Detailed instructions are available on UMMSConnect: