Social and Economic Justice in Our Communities

By mid-2024, UMMS will have invested approximately $50 million to:

  • Positively impact social determinants of health (or the conditions within people’s environments that affect health, functioning and quality of life)

  • Effectively contribute to the total health of communities in Maryland

Recommended Actions

These new investments will consist of both grants and equity investments in for-profit business ventures that positively impact communities of color and will include:

Grants for Community Partners

Award $3 million in grants to community partners and UMMS member organizations to address employment and food insecurity of people in the communities of color

Community Investment

Allocate $14 million of the UMMS corporate investment portfolio to place-based investments that positively impact people in the communities we serve

Community Partnerships

Identify and initiate at least one community partnership opportunity for each member organization that can positively impact local purchasing or hiring or place-based investments in the disproportionately impacted communities they serve

Updated: 8/31/2021