Our External Partners

To strengthen the communities we serve, UMMS will foster business relationships that reflect our commitment to creating a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Over the next three years, UMMS will put into place programs that allow us to expand our partnerships with and invest in minority-owned businesses as a means to strengthen the communities we serve.

Currently, the most significant sectors where we have partnerships with minority-owned business enterprises (MBE) include:

  • construction and renovation (20-25%);
  • supply chain (28%); and
  • investment management (35%).

We have identified areas of opportunity for increasing partnerships in marketing and communications, legal, IT, finance and large consulting firms.

Recommended Actions

Increase Minority Business Contracts

We will ensure that our contracts with minority businesses are proportional to the minority groups that we serve and that we are actively working to attract new minority-owned partners to bid on UMMS projects. Starting in 2021, each member organization will partner with one new MBE annually.

Enhance Outreach to Minority Vendors

Our Minority Business Program allows vendors and contractors to submit certification as an MBE to be added to our database of diverse businesses that satisfy our purchasing and contracting standards.

Build Diverse Network of Vendor Connections

We will connect with minority business associations, chambers of commerce and the Healthcare Anchor Network to identify local hospital appointees to join and participate as members.