One UMMS | One ASK

In the Spring of 2021, UMMS embarked on a new survey approach that made it possible for the most important data points across the System – engagement, safety and nursing Magnet scores – to be measured at the same time. Called One UMMS One ASK, the confidential survey streamlined the feedback process for team members and employed physicians.

UMMS hired an outside vendor, Press Ganey, to run the survey and provide us with data. The company is a trusted strategic partner to more than 41,000 health care facilities which allowed UMMS to benchmark its results against the top health care organizations in the country.

UMMS team members influence every element of the care experience. Our relationship with the people who fulfill our mission is the foundation of a constructive and safe work culture that, in turn, drives positive patient experiences and optimal clinical outcomes.

One UMMS One ASK Timeline

JANUARY | Survey Announced to Leaders and Survey Ambassadors

FEBRUARY | Survey Announced System-wide to all Team Members

MARCH 8- APRIL 5| Survey Available to all Team Members

APRIL-MAY | Data Analysis

MAY-JUNE | Strategic Framework Discussions

JULY-AUGUST | Results Shared


The One UMMS | One ASK survey is a comprehensive survey for all UMMS team members ​and physicians designed to identify opportunities to transform and improve team member experience and patient experience across UMMS. The survey combines three separate surveys – team member engagement, nurse Magnet and health and safety – that member organizations have in the past distributed at different times throughout the year.

Health care is personal. The only way to improve the care we provide to our patients and the experience we create for our team members is to hear from the people who carry out our mission across our System.

Individual responses are confidential. UMMS hired an outside partner, Press Ganey, to run the survey and provide us with data. Your individual responses will never be identified or revealed. No one within UMMS will see your completed survey. Results from small work groups may be combined with larger groups in order to protect confidentiality and provide meaningful results.

Press Ganey has 35 years of experience supporting health care providers in understanding and improving care delivery. The company is a strategic partner to more than 41,000 health care facilities and leads the industry in helping clients transform the care experience and create continuous, sustainable improvement. Their team is familiar with UMMS; several member organizations already work with Press Ganey on patient satisfaction surveys.

To carry out transformation at UMMS, our leaders need to know where effort is needed most. What’s working? What’s not working? Ensuring an optimal team member experience is an ongoing journey requires health care leaders to stay connected with their workforce. Leaders across the System will create goals that align with the Strategic Framework using information learned from this survey.

When the survey is launched March 8, you will receive an email with a link to the survey. Please don’t share this link, as it is specific to you. You can open this link on any computer or device with internet access. Responses are collected on an external internet site and sent directly to Press Ganey.

As with other engagement surveys, you will be able to review a summary report that outlines the areas where team members feel we need to improve. You will also learn from your manager about the approach your department or unit is taking to make improvements.

One UMMS One ASK is a new approach to our most important surveys across the system. Previously, UMMS team members would be asked to take multiple surveys a year, which can lead to survey fatigue. This new approach is meant to solve that with just one survey. UMMS or your member organization may distribute smaller surveys about specific projects.

Yes. The approach allows for combined action planning and hopefully reduced survey fatigue. For the first time in UMMS history, we’ll be able to ensure that all of the most important data points across the system – engagement, safety and nursing Magnet scores – are current at the same time. This approach will help ensure we are compliant with safety and quality rating systems like Leapfrog.

Yes and no. Your responses are confidential, and we encourage you to consider anything in your department or throughout the System that affects your experience and the care we provide. However, ideas or concerns about specific initiatives, projects or activities should be directed to the project team or your manager.

The survey includes 83 questions for nurses, and 59 questions for team members and physicians. The survey for nurses includes more questions to cover the required Magnet data. We recommend allocating between 20 and 30 minutes to complete the survey in one sitting; however, you can stop the survey and begin again where you left off.

You will be allowed to complete the survey during work time, with approval from with your supervisor. As with any task at work, you will be paid for your time spent completing the survey. Your manager will make sure you have the enough time during your workday to provide complete and thoughtful responses.

Yes. Team members must have been employed by UMMS for a minimum of 60 days — or must have started work by January 8, 2021 — to be eligible to take the survey. This allows time for team members to understand the environment and make observations for improvement.


Updated: 7/28/2021