Patient Experience Gets a Lyft

UMMS has partnered with Lyft ride-share services to develop a reliable and cost effective solution for non-emergency patient transportation. Lyft Concierge is a web-based tool that allows the authorized team members at UMMS facilities across the System to order rides for your patients — no smartphone or app required. Lyft drivers can help move luggage and foldable wheelchairs or walkers into the vehicle; they are not authorized to help passengers into the vehicle.

The partnership with Lyft also includes Lyft for Business (LFB) program where team members can schedule Business Rides through the Lyft app. To learn more details on the LFB program for UMMS team members, and sign up for the Lyft Business Ride program, please visit the link on UMMS Beneplace site for UMMS Specials.

The UMMS Supply Chain Department led the partnership with Lyft. The program is another way we’re living out our shared commitment to One UMMS, the initiative to leverage System-wide opportunities to benefit patients, team members and our communities. Refer to the following FAQ for more information about the new UMMS Lyft partnership.


You can schedule the patient ride through the Lyft Concierge Portal.

Each department will identify their Branch Administrator and Dispatchers, who will be granted access to the Concierge Portal by the Lyft team, to schedule rides for patients.

The Branch Administrator could be the manager of the department. They will: 

    • Have access to the Concierge Portal to schedule the rides for the patient
    • Will be able to add or remove dispatchers
    • Have access to the online reporting portal to run usage reports for their specific department. To access online reporting, please contact Megan Gerken at or 201-787-2245

No, there can be multiple users (referred to as Dispatchers authorized by Branch Administrator) at each department who can schedule the ride for the patient. For Branch Administrators to set up Dispatcher access to team members at your department, please follow the link here.

Under each Branch Administrator, there can be multiple team members (authorized by the Branch Administrator) in a department identified as dispatchers who will have access to schedule the rides for the patient.

To set up the Lyft Concierge Portal, the manager of the department would need to contact Megan Gerken at or 201-787-2245.

Please provide your work email address to Megan Gerken to set up the portal. This email address will be granted permission by the Lyft team to access the Concierge Portal.

Once the Portal is set up, you will receive a welcome email with instructions. You will visit and log in using your work email address that has been granted permission by the Lyft team to Concierge. For additional info, please visit this link.

Yes. Rides can be requested on demand, via flexible link that is valid for 24 hours, or scheduled up to 7 days in advance. 

On Demand

If requesting on demand, please be mindful of the vehicle’s estimated time of arrival, and how long the patient needs to be ready at the pickup spot. The driver can wait only 5 minutes after arrival before the ride is marked as a “no show.” Please ensure the patient is ready to go when you dispatch an on-demand ride to avoid no-show fees. Request On-Demand Rides here.

Flexible Link

In this option, the patient receives a text with a link they can use when they are ready to call the ride. This option is ideal in scenarios where you may not know what time a patient is going to be finished with their appointment, and it gives the patient control of when they are ready to leave. Pick-up & drop-off addresses are entered upon scheduling the ride. Request Flexible Rides here.


This option can be used up to 7 days in advance of the needed ride. It is best for situations where you know patients will be ready at a particular date and time. Request Pre-Scheduled Rides here

Through Lyft Concierge you can schedule a ride for passengers who do not have a cell phone available. For more details, visit link here.

Employees should follow all typical UMMS protocol involving patient safety when using the Lyft service. For more details on Lyft’s Safety policy, please visit the link here.

Costs for patient rides are billed to the respective department scheduling the ride.

Please use this link to access the Lyft fare estimator. Once you add pick-up & drop-off locations for a particular market, click “Get Estimate” to get a general price estimate. From there, click “More” for market-level pricing. For example, please see Baltimore-area pricing here.

Employees can access the LFB program for their own business travel purposes.

The Lyft for Business program allows UMMS team members to create a Business profile within their individual Lyft App. For personal rides, payment will be charged by Lyft directly to the team member requesting the ride. Here’s how to use Lyft for Business: 

Step 1. Create your Lyft business profile
Visit the Lyft Business Profile Signup page and enter in your work email address and credit card info to get started.

Step 2. Download the Lyft app
Check your Lyft app on your phone to find your new business profile. If you don’t have the app, you can download it for iOS or Android.

Step 3. Enjoy smoother business rides

Make sure to select your business profile in the Lyft app when riding for business. Visit the Getting Started for Employees guide here for more information.

Please opt into the rewards while setting up your business profile. For additional details, please visit the link on UMMS Beneplace site for UMMS Specials.

Yes, you can switch between Business and Personal profiles. For additional details, please click here.

For any questions please contact Juvin Jacob UMMS Corporate Contracting at, 443-462-3385 or Megan Gerken at, 201-787-2245.  For training on Lyft Concierge Service, please contact Zack Pensak at If you’ve been trained on Concierge, you will receive an email invitation prompting you to set up your account.