MedSpeed Accelerates System Deliveries

In June 2019, UMMS announced that MedSpeed was the System’s new provider for courier services. MedSpeed has extensive experience partnering with large, complex health systems like UMMS and is now handling all delivery needs, ranging from lab specimens to administrative reports. MedSpeed’s clients include the Mayo Clinic, Stanford Health Care, WellStar Health System, Inova Health System and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, among many others.

The move to a single provider for courier service advances our vision of becoming a more efficient and sustainable System. MedSpeed’s expertise in health care delivery and their expansive network of drivers and vehicles results in a more consistent quality of service and cost savings across the System.


You should use MedSpeed for all of your delivery needs to and from System locations including but not limited to: 

  • lab specimens
  • financial documents
  • administrative reports
  • books and reference materials
  • medical and facility supplies 
  • instrument trays
  • pharmaceuticals
  • housekeeping supplies
  • linens
  • cleaning products
  • food 

MedSpeed has extensive experience partnering with large, complex health systems like UMMS. The company’s vast resources mean that UMMS will have more dispatchers, more vehicles and more couriers to serve our needs. Among the many advantages we identified were MedSpeed’s exceptional service record, experience in serving complex integrated delivery networks, uniformed and trained drivers, effective use of technology in tracking and ordering and the ability to scale their service as we grow. MedSpeed will help us achieve our System goals, reduce our risk and liability in transporting materials and ultimately help us identify cost savings that can be reinvested in patient care and team member experience. 

Yes. For us to fully realize the benefits of a single courier, we must transition all courier requests across the System to MedSpeed.

Register for an account online at Refer to the user guide and watch these brief training videos for step-by-step instructions. Please note that to request service you must enter a valid cost center number when you place the order. If you still have questions, contact your local materials management leadership team or contact MedSpeed directly.

Yes. If you have specific questions or needs related to the items you need couriered, you may work directly with MedSpeed to ensure that they can meet your requirements.