One UMMS | One ASK Results & Action Planning


Action Planning Toolkit for Leaders
Find instructions for accessing the survey results portal, tips on sharing your results and other resources in this toolkit designed especially for One UMMS One ASK.

Press Ganey Guide to the Engagement Portal
View this guide for finding and analyzing your results on the Press Ganey engagement portal.  Download the Guide

Leadership Development Opportunities
Sign up for these 90-minute virtual, instructor-led training courses in UMMS U.

  • Leading for Engagement – During this training managers learn how to develop high performing, engaged team members by providing clear, direction and support and by building effective work relationships.
  • Team Leadership – During this training managers learn how to develop cohesive and high-performing teams by focusing on alignment, shared goals, and building and sustaining trust among team members.
  • Effective Mentoring – During this training managers learn mentoring best practices, along with key mentoring skill development activities and tools to use in your mentorship.

Templates for Leaders

Updated: 5/13/2021