New CHF Patient Guide Launches Across the System

UMMS patients being treated for congestive heart failure now have access to a new resource that will increase their chances at a healthier life after treatment. A group of nearly 40 professionals representing all stages of care and all UMMS facilities has created a new Patient Education Handbook that allows the patient to be in more control of their care. The handbook describes the causes of heart failure, outlines self-care steps including lifestyle changes and exercise, and encourages patients to consider their needs and desires for advanced care. Designed to be a tool that patients keep, use and refer to often, the book features several pages that allow the patient to customize based on their own medications, exercise and diet goals, and personal preferences. 

Nurses and clinicians give the handbook to patients as they are discussing their transition back home from the hospital and encourage the patients to bring it with them to future medical appointments.

The CHF Patient Education Handbook is closely connected to a new plan of care in development that will standardize the treatment path for congestive heart failure patients at hospitals across the System.

Download in English | Download in Spanish

 Eventually, the treatment path will become one of several Clinical Pathway tools in Epic, the System’s electronic medical record.