The UMMS Supply Chain Management and Strategic Sourcing team announced in July 2019 the official launch of the UMMS Clinical Quality Value Analysis (CQVA) Program. This program standardizes the process to determine the most cost-effective use of products, goods and services, allowing UMMS to maintain and improve the total quality and delivery of safe patient care in our ever-changing health care landscape.

The UMMS CQVA Program has several multidisciplinary committees comprised of representatives from Clinical, Supply Chain Management and Finance, as well as System-wide and local-level committees that include physicians and clinicians. These committees evaluate product cost and potential reimbursement, and provide a comprehensive review of desired quality outcomes, cost management, clinical alignment and operational improvement and standardization.


  1. Complete the new UMMS New Product Request Form [link to form] and submit to your Local CQVA Committee via email.
  2. Your Local CQVA Committee will decide if this product is approved or denied for system-level review.
  3. Once the request is approved by the Local CQVA, the committee will send it to the system-level UMMS CQVA Committee.
  4. The UMMS CQVA Committee will review the New Product Request Form to ensure all of the documentation from the Local CQVA is complete, then assign the request to the appropriate UMMS CQVA committee to begin the formal process.

The UMMS CQVA Committee meets monthly to review and respond to all requests within 30 days of receipt. The UMMS CQVA process will vary depending on the product and various considerations including documentation requirements, interest in the product, UMMS strategic needs, contract parameters, and physician/clinician engagement.

CQVA will not delay emergent/urgent situations. Obtain the new product for the surgeon for one-time use, as you currently do through your local hospital chain of command for emergent/urgent product needs. Once the product has been obtained for use, you must notify your Local CQVA Committee and the system-wide UMMS CQVA Committee that this product was used. A New Product Request Form must be submitted to the UMMS CQVA Department. If your hospital decides that they want to continue to use this new product frequently going forward, it must go through the CQVA system process as a New Product Request.

I have a Surgical Product request question? Nanette Sypniewski
I have a Medical Surgical Product request question? David Wong
I have a Cardiovascular/Cath Lab/EP Lab Product request question? Julie Ray

Your local executive leadership has been in full support of the new CQVA Program and associated process. The executive leadership will direct your physician to follow the new CQVA process in place. If the physician is still concerned, the request can be presented to the UMMS CQVA Executive Steering Committee.

All vendors must notify the system supply chain office with any new products they wish to present to any hospital across UMMS. An UMMS Vendor Management Policy is available on the IntelliCentrics website. All vendors must be registered on UMMS’s vendor management system and adhere to the system’s vendor policies. A vendor may not submit a New Product Request Form.

Wound care fits under the System CQVA General Medical-Surgical/Critical Care Committee. A subcommittee may be formed under the system committee to work on a system-wide wound care formulary or it could be taken as an initiative under the System CQVA Ad-Hoc committee.

Yes—when Lawson is fully implemented.  All of the items that will be loaded into Lawson are on contract, but there may be items/products/services on a system contract that your facility may elect not to bring into your hospital.

If the product is already on an established UMMS contract, the decision to approve the product for use at your respective hospital will be at the discretion of your Local CQVA Committee(s).



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Updated: 5/13/2021