One UMMS Staffing Pool Re-Opens for Medical Surgical RNs, Critical Care RNs and Respiratory Therapists

September 8, 2020

UMMS re-opened the One UMMS Staffing Pool for per diem critical care RNs, medical surgical RNs and respiratory therapist applicants September 8.

The Staffing Pool was closed to applicants in mid-May, after more than 1,500 individuals were hired and placed in medical facilities managed by UMMS; more than 500 of those hired were clinical professionals. The System decided to re-open the pool to applicants in anticipation of increased staffing needs due to the upcoming flu season coinciding with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Staff hired as part of this wave of the One UMMS Staffing Pool will be paid starting at $60 per hour and are eligible for the UMMS Bronze Healthcare Plan. The Staffing Center is placing high priority on recruiting medical surgical, telemetry and critical care RNs with the intention of supporting staffing needs at member organizations.

UMMS first established the One UMMS Staffing Pool in late March, in response to a growing need for qualified professionals to assist us in all aspects of delivering exceptional care. Its primary goal at that time was to fulfill the staffing needs of our mission, which includes temporary COVID-19 medical sites managed by UMMS: Baltimore Convention Center Field Hospital, TRI (Triage, Respite and Isolation) Support Center at the Lord Baltimore Hotel and testing sites throughout the region. However, when possible, the staffing center has been able to fill needs identified by member organizations submitted to the Staffing Center.

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One UMMS Staffing Pool By the Numbers

  • 8882 – applications received

  • 1,507 – per diem staff hired

  • 544 – clinical professionals hired

  • 8 – member organizations supported by Staffing Pool hires


Yes. We welcome all qualified applicants, particularly those recommended by current UMMS team members.

Current UMMS team members are not eligible to apply for the temporary, per-diem jobs listed in the One UMMS Staffing Pool while employed at an UMMS organization.

UMMS established a Staffing Center to field staffing requests, screen applicants and interview candidates. Assignments are coordinated with member organizations and alternate care sites based on need and the experience of the staff being deployed.

The positions posted in the One UMMS Staffing Pool are per diem and will remain active as long as there is need for additional staffing resources at UMMS.


Submit your request via the Staffing Center by email at or phone at 667-233-5900.

One UMMS Staffing Pool

May 4, 2020

The COVID-19 health crisis has required new ways of thinking and quick action across our System. Medical professionals and health care team member, clinical and non-clinical alike, are rising to the challenges of this unprecedented health crisis. Our need for qualified professionals to assist us in all aspects of delivering exceptional care is growing.

In rapid response to this need, UMMS has established the One UMMS Staffing Pool. This staffing pool lists System-wide job opportunities for licensed clinical professionals, clinical support and support services staff.

The staffing pool allows us to leverage the benefits and strengths of our System by deploying qualified staff members where the greatest needs emerge: at one of our member hospitals, the Federal Medical Station located at the Baltimore Convention Center and other temporary medical care facilities in the area.

Each member hospital can submit requests for staffing needs related to COVID-19 OR deploy available staff to other UMMS hospitals or alternate care sites, via the SmartSheet links below. If you are a team member seeking additional work through the staffing pool, please talk with your supervisor.

For more information, contact the Staffing Center at 667-233-5900 or



We have hired professionals according to three broad categories, skill sets and levels:

  • Tier I – Registered nurse or other clinical professionals, including pharmacists
  • Tier II – Clinical support; professionals, who, under the direction of a registered nurse could provide care (care tech, med assistant, certified nursing assistant, mobility tech)
  • Tier III – Non-clinical support (EVS, food service, transporters)

Note: as there is not an excess of critical care and ED nurses due to the pandemic, there is not a high volume of these specialties reflected in the One UMMS Staffing Pool.

Yes. We are recruiting additional physicians to meet the needs of patients in the midst of this health crisis. A separate job portal has been established for physicians and is accessible here.

Through the Access Center, the One UMMS Staffing Center will be able to view the number of COVID-19 positive and PUI patients and critical care beds being utilized ratios throughout the System. This real-time view of the data, as well as ongoing conversations with each facility, will give us the context we need to make informed decisions about how best to deploy staff.

Each UMMS facility will determine which individuals are authorized to submit staffing requests or deploy staff to the pool. Submissions should be sent by a local staffing office, local Incident Command or the team member’s manager. Team member are not able to submit themselves.

No, the One UMMS Staffing Center will utilize information from the Access Center to assist in identifying areas of greatest need and deploy staff accordingly. Incident Command and staffing teams should not be making staffing requests directly to the Access Center.

Click here to submit a COVID-19 related staffing request for your hospital. The One UMMS Staffing Center will review all requests for staff and work to align needs with all available resources.

Response times may vary, as the Staffing Center will be working to provide staff based on critical, immediate and short-term needs for COVID-19 related needs across the System.

The Staffing Center will do its best to provide staff to hospitals in need. However, please keep in mind, this resource is to be used to support care for COVID-19 patients and PUIs only. In the event we do have staff available for non-COVID-19 patients, we will work to fill the need.

The One UMMS Staffing Center welcomes all available staff, including those who provide direct patient care, clinical support and non-clinical support.

The One UMMS Staffing Center is asking that all team members for deployment be able to work their assigned shift (8 or 12 hours). Beyond that, local leadership will determine which team members can be deployed.

Team members will not be able to present themselves for deployment on their own. Local staffing offices and Incident Command teams should manage this process, depending upon how each organization is structured.

Most deployment to UMMS hospitals for clinical staff and clinical support staff are 12-hour shifts, and team members may pick up additional shifts based on need and availability.  Non-clinical support staff shifts may differ by role and organization, and these team members also may pick up additional shifts based on need and availability.

Team members hired as part of the One UMMS Staffing Pool are not eligible for additional pay, and pay information is provided during the hiring process. Current UMMS team members who are deployed to other locations as part of the pool will be eligible for the premium pay incentives.

Our “Premium Pay for Additional Work” policy outlines how team members who work additional shifts to assist in our COVID-19 response will be paid. Rates of bonus pay are structured as follows:

  • Hourly (non-exempt) team members who volunteer to work additional shifts above their regular schedule are eligible to receive a bonus of $100 for each four-hour shift.
  • Hourly (non-exempt) team members who are required to work extra hours beyond the end of their regularly scheduled shift will receive double their normal hourly rate for all mandatory extra hours worked.
  • Salaried (exempt) team members who volunteer to work additional shifts beyond their regularly scheduled hours and duties \are eligible to receive an extra shift bonus of $200 for a half-day (four-hour minimum) and $400 for a full day.

Salaried team members who volunteer to work additional shifts in areas of work outside of their regular job duties and in addition to their regular schedule are eligible for a shift bonus. The shift bonus for salaried team members is paid after a minimum of four hours, and the rates are $200 per half-day and $400 per full day.

The new pay premium programs were designed to compensate team members who work above and beyond their regular job duties. If you have to stay past your end time to complete a routine task, you will be paid at your base pay rate only.

No. Salaried team members are not eligible for the double-time premium.