In order to be the best health care System we can be, we must empower our employees and respect the energy they invest into our organization. To create an outstanding employee experience, we aim to eliminate unnecessary work and increase efficiencies while building a more collaborative work environment. Allowing our people to focus on more valuable, rewarding work will not only produce better patient outcomes, but also support employee advancement, development and overall happiness.


You know what you tell your friends about working at UMMS? Now’s your chance to tell us! One UMMS One ASK combines three separate surveys into one, making it easier than ever to share your feedback.


As we have faced unprecedented challenges in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have joined forces across our System like never before. Now is the time to further integrate how we work together across the System and position UMMS for long-term sustainability.  Standardized practices and policies are one important step on this journey.


At UMMS, your time is respected, your expertise is valued and your work is appreciated. We are creating a transparent, streamlined and effective work environment for our employees that will allow us to deliver the best possible care to our patients across UMMS.